The Resilience Award Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who sits on the Selection Committee? / Who are the judges?

The selection committee or judges are senior BCM management of various industries with about 20 years of experience. The identities of the selection committee are kept confidential so as to keep the award partial.

2. What is the approach for the assessment?

An independent auditor will review all BCM documentation of the organization. Interviews will also be done with the organization BCM coordinator. For BCM Excellence award nominees, a 1 day BCM programme audit will be done along with an interview with the BCM programme sponsor.

3. How long would the assessment be?

The assessment may take a maximum of 2 days. For BCM Excellence award nominees it would take 1 Day for BCM programme audit which will be done on site and another day for interviews with both the organization BCM coordinators and BCM programme sponsor.

4. What are the pre-requisites of the award?

The pre-requisites are as follows:

The Resilient Organisation

  • Possess an active ISO 22301 BCMS certification
  • Show proof of active ISO 22301 BCMS certification by a recognized ISO 22301 Certification Body

BCM Excellence

  • Show proof of a BCM plan that has been implemented for at least 1 year
  • Show proof that BCM plan records are auditable and aligned to ISO 22301 BCMS standards
  • Do not possess an ISO 22301 BCMS certification from any certification body

5. Will preference be given to organisations involved in a particular area eg. manufacturing?

We consider Business Continuity Management to be important in all fields of business. As such, preference will not be given to a particular industry or area.

6. Is this an internationally-recognised award?

The Resilience Awards is designed to recognize organisations, both local and international, in their efforts to build greater robustness and resiliency in their business operations.

This award, which is presented once every 2 years, is the only award that is given to organizations seeking to find endorsement from the international BCM community for their BCM work.

7. Why is there an application processing fee?

The application processing fees goes to the work of reviewing the BCM documentations, interviewing of the personnel involved and verifying the ISO 22301 certification. This fee is non refundable.

8. What goes into the USD3,000 programme audit fees?

The programme audit fees are only applicable for companies vying for the BCM Excellence award. The audit would comprise of an internal audit done on all BCM documents in the organization premises as well as interviews with Organisation BCM coordinator and BCM programme sponsor. This fee is non refundable.

9. What other cost are involved in the award?

For non Singapore based organizations who would like to receive the award personally, the cost of attending the event, i.e. accommodation and flight are not included. Award recipients are entitled to 1 ticket to the World Continuity Congress. Extra tickets are available at SGD299 (public price SGD399).

Award recipients are also invited to share their BCM journey experience at the World Continuity Congress.

10. Is there any continuing/sustenance or maintenance cost for the award?

No there is no continuing/sustenance or maintenance cost for the award.

11. I am a non Singapore based company, how do I qualify?

Simply send in your application form and application processing fees and we shall assess accordingly. If you are applying for the BCM Excellence award, do include also the programme audit fees.

12. Can I nominate someone I know?

Yes you may. Do note though that the award is given to an organization and not a BCM professional, as such, do nominate organizations you know that have a sound and robust BCM plan. Nominations can be made via the application form provided on the World Continuity Congress website here. The cost of application may be borne by either the nominee or the person nominating them.

13. Can I apply for both The Resilient Organisation and BCM Excellence Award?

As the pre-requisite differs for both the awards, you are only eligible to apply for one award. (see FAQ no: 4)

14. When and where would the award be given out?

The award would be given out at the upcoming World Continuity Congress Singapore on 24 April 2019 at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel.

15. When would I know that my organization is selected for the award?

You will be informed no later than 30 March 2019.