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To fill our 2018 World Continuity Congress Conference Program


BCM Institute will host another round of World Continuity Congress 2018. We invite you to nominate a speaker and/or topic for our conference.The World Continuity Congress (WCC) Conference over the past decade, has been bringing in some of the world’s top business continuity management (BCM), disaster recovery (DR) and crisis management (CM) experts and professionals of various sectors focusing on issues concerning all aspects of BC, DR and CM. The World Continuity Congress is the biggest meeting place for BCM, DR and CM professionals in Middle East and Asia Pacific to network, share and discuss the relevant BCM related topics and concerns.

WCC Date Deadline

9th May 2018 1st March 2018
For more information:

Please contact Dr Goh Moh Heng at +65 6748 1528 or email to:


Our conference attracts Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery globalwide. Industry areas include Banking and Finance, Computer/IT, Consulting, Defense, FMCG, Government , Health, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Networking, Oil & Gas, Retail, Smart Cards, Telecoms, Transportation, Utilities and many more.

Conference Format

The 1-day congress is divided into morning session and afternoon session. General planetary session topics are presented to all attendees during the morning session. Workshop sessions which are usually an in-depth study of a particular business continuity issue, problem or solution are presented in the afternoon.

On the side, this congress had several 2 to 4 days of training and certification classes.


  • To raise par for BCM practice from Asia Pacific to global.
  • To develop the BCM human capital and good practices leading to better career opportunity and professional competencies.
  • To raise awareness and promote BCM practices as more important agenda for organizations and more important roles in the Asia Pacific economy.

Primary Speakers will be provided with:

  • Complimentary registration to the full conference, including admission to all sessions, the exhibit area, and sponsored events such as breakfasts and lunches where applicable.

Note: Speakers will be responsible for expenses including travel, accommodation, non-sponsored meals and sundries.

Fact Sheet
Be seen and be heard! Be at the forefront of the thought leadership for BC, DR and CM with outstanding indivduals of this dynamic landscape just like yourselves. As invited speakers of the WCC 2017 you are able to:
  • Gain access to more than 150 BC & DR professionals being an estimated of 65% representation of professionals from the Asia Pacific and Middle East.
  • Gain recognition by appearing at the leading BCM conference in Asia Pacific.
  • Raise awareness of BCM, DR, CM, emergency management issues.
  • Network with other speakers, attendees and exhibitors from all areas of the industry.
Sessions must be educational in nature with a BCM related theme. Specific products, services and companies are not to be endorsed. Each presentation is limited to maximum 30 minutes inclusive of preparation time.
Responsibilities of Speakers
The paper must be an original paper and not one that has been presented previously. Potential speakers must advise the organiser if they plan to submit their presentation to any other conference or seminar. BCM Institute will NOT accept presentations that have been submitted to any other industry conferences or call for papers.


You will need to furnish us with a 200 words synopis. Make sure it completely conveys the message across to the attendees. Be clear and concise when writing your synopsis so that your message is easy to understand, and can be edited easily if necessary.

You may also indicate useful information such as the key points you plan to cover in your presentation, activities, as well as benefits/learnings that the audience will take away.

Indication on your target audience (novice, intermediate, advanced or a combination of levels) is much appreciated.

Paper/ Presentation Submission

New material must be submitted for EVERY conference, even if the material was previously submitted to World Continuity Congress / BCM Institute for events.

Checklist is as follows :

  • The abstract/synopsis of your presentation (no more than 200 words).
  • Complete speaker’s biography.
  • To enclose speaker’s potrait in high resolution (300 dpi) and in jpeg file format (jpg).
  • To enclose a CV/resume accompanying your biography highlighting other conference/symposium successes you may have had in word/html.
  • To enclose the presentation slides in PowerPoint or MS Word format.

When submitting via email, please indicate the email subject heading with reference to the World Continuity Congress Singapore 2017 – Call For Paper.

Please be reminded that incomplete submission will not be considered and will be returned.

Selection Criteria
WCC has been maintaining a tradition of successful conferences in Asia Pacific over the past decade by ensuring continuous delivery of quality and beneficial contents to its delegates. The Organizer of WCC ensures of this by adhering to a strict selection of contents based on the following criteria:
  • Topic & relevance to the suggested topics
  • Inclusion of lessons learned and ideas for future trends
  • Benefits to the audience
  • Your experience as a presenter including expertise, knowledge and ability to challenge delegates
  • Focus on future trends and lessons learned (what worked AND what didn’t) and recommended solutions to common issues
  • Advice to practitioners on how to cope with reduced budgets and resources; not only how to do more with less but how to do things differently
  • Research findings are welcome, provided the session is aimed at practitioners and balanced with sufficient practical information (i.e. ‘here’s how this can be applied to …..’)
  • Absence of commercial sales content for services or products
Terms and Conditions

  • All decisions are final.
  • Speakers will be notified when of their exact session time once the selection process has been completed.
  • By submitting a Call for Presentations for World Continuity Congress 2017, you are committing your availability to the dates of the conference.
  • By submitting your outline paper you agree to send a comprehensive written paper in support of your presentation one month in advance of the conference that is suitable for publishing on the Conference website and in journals after the event. Further details about the requirements of this will be sent should your paper be accepted.
  • By submitting your paper, you agree to allow BCM institute to publish your presentation, and related information i.e. your biography, your synopsis, photos presentation slides with your current professional credentials (official job designation and organisation you are currently attached to).
  • Presentations must not be sales or product pitches.
  • BCM Institute reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the title, description, track, speaker biography of successful submissions and also to withdraw the offer of a speaking slot should the above conditions not be adhered to. If your paper is not successful for the main programme we may ask you to present on the exhibition floor or form part of a reserve list of speakers.
  • Final presentations/papers must be submitted to event@bcm-institute.org no later than 4pm on 1st March 2018 in PowerPoint.