Monday, November 24, 2014
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Prepare for Business Recovery, Cloud is The New Strategy

Cloud disaster recoverySingapore, 12 October 2011 -- Cloud Disaster Recovery is probably the most discussed topic in recent years among Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery practitioners.

While cloud technology appears to be the next new thing in town, individuals and businesses, whether they know it or not, have already been using this technology for some time. Facebook, GoogleApps and Skype are just a few cloud-based applications that just to name a few, that are commonly available for free or at a minimal cost. For businesses, the improved resiliency coupled with potential cost savings, ease of implementation, flexibility, scalability and business agility seem to make Cloud technology every Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery manager's dream.

willam_hoAccording to Mr William Ho BCCE BCCLA CBCP, Regional Senior Consultant of Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd, cloud disaster recovery continues to grow in capability and complexity, making it increasingly attractive in addressing many businesses' requirements concerns on governance, risk and compliance, certification standards, legal and security. "Cloud services are progressing and will offer significantly greater flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness in the future, although many hurdles need to be overcomed. In the meantime, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery managers are highly encouraged to leverage cloud for innovative solutions for their recovery strategies" said Ho in the recent Meet the Expert Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Seminar held in Holiday Inn Atrium recently. This is because, to Business Continuity Managers, Cloud computing offers promising solutions to protecting data by distributing data to a different geographical part of the world. It may also be more readily accessible when compared to traditional methods - so long as users have access to the internet, which is already easily available in most parts of the world, they are able to recover their data from the Cloud.

Business Continuity Planning Japan

Having said that, careful planning and preparedness is necessary to ensure effective business continuity for an organization. Issues like security are what managers are most concerned about when implementing new technologies like Cloud, and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  During the same session, President of BCM Institute, Dr Goh Moh Heng who was also speaking reaffirmed the significance of effective Business Continuity Planning by sharing a graphical commentary from his recent visit to the tsunami and earthquake hit Sendai, Japan. Being a popular topic among many Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Managers, Dr Goh's presentation clearly illustrated a more vivid example of an actual disaster, thus reminding them that an effective business continuity planning besides determining the recovery strategies requires intricate preparation for staffs's Business Continuity Management awareness as well as coordination with external parties i.e. vendors, emergency response agencies, regulatory bodies etc.

Earlier in 2008, a nationwide Business Continuity Programme to increase Business Continuity Planning awareness and resiliency among businesses in Singapore has already been implemented. Singapore Business Federation, the agency tasked to implement the programme also took the opportunity through this gathering to remind all to work towards obtaining the SS540 certification under the programme. A Business Continuity Management certification helps organizations besides ensuring resiliency and bridging of gaps in business processes, also enhances an organisation's B2B branding. Under the programme, SMEs and larger companies can enjoy the surplus of up to 70% of subsidy on the cost of obtaining the Business Continuity Management Certification.

Singapore National BCM programme


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