Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Meet-The-Expert Malaysia, BCM Seminar Overview

The biggest trap that a business continuity (BC) project or BC Management (BCM) programme is ... to think that simply having a good BC plan is all there is to it. Often, the failing to complete some aspects during the project planning process will return to haunt the managing of an organization's BC plan and/or BCM program. Like the human skeleton, good BC project planning and its implementation give form, substance and strength to any good BC project or BCM programme. Those who are new to BC, this seminar will help you learn about the pitfalls and the key success factors. As for the skilled professionals, they will be able to return to their organisations with some of the "remedies" and best practices to the implementation and maintenance of their BCM programmes.

Program Highlights

Topic 1: Getting Started and Kick-off the Business Continuity Planning Project and its Best Practices
Dr Goh Moh Heng, President, BCM Institute and Managing Director, GMH Pte Ltd

Dr Goh Moh Heng will share his experiences in the area of good practices for BCM. He will highlight the key objectives, activities and deliverables that is critical during the project management phase of the BCM planning methodology. The presentation will include the many challenges that he had encountered with organizations when initiating their BC planning project.

Topic 2:  Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Project Kick-off and Planning: Challenges and International Best Practices
Ms Chia Siew Khim, BCCE DRCE, Programme Director at iPerintis

Siew Khim will share the challenges and good practices of implementing business continuity planning and IT disaster recovery planning specifically to her clients. Having implemented many mega projects, she will also share on some of the learning that BC and IT DRP should adopt as part of its project initiation.

Benefits of Attending:

Participants will:

  • Have in-depth understanding of the project management phase within the BCM Planning Methodology
  • Receive an walk through of a BC project planning process
  • Develop a BCP Project Workplan
  • Highlight the formulation of a project proposal and/or charter
  • Learn how to garner and solicit management support
  • Develop a management and project structure
  • Share good practices for project management by experienced practitioners


  • First-come-first-serve basis; subject to confirmation from BCM Institute.
  • BCM Institute reserves the right to accept or not to accept registrations.

Note: The response to our MTE sessions are usually overwhelming; thus, we are sending early invitations for this session.
Seats will be restricted to two participants per organization;  subsequent registrations will be placed in the waiting list.

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This Meet-the-Experts complimentary session is a professional sharing platform brought to you by BCM Institute Malaysia.

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