Monday, November 24, 2014
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Meet-The-Expert Malaysia, BCM Seminar Overview

Program Highlights

Topic 1: Case Study on Crisis Management: The Do’s and Don’t in handling Crisis
By Wahid Ali Mohd Khalil, Chief Audit Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Imagine the worst case scenario that could conceivably happen to your organization in Malaysia: Landslides? Flood? Closure of airport? Riot? The death of a key employee? A terrorist attack? A letter bomb threat? Product contamination? Theft of your intellectual property? How prepared would it be if this scenario became a reality? Could the event be contained and resolved, or does it have the ability to damage your organization's profile, harm your staff, destroy your infrastructure, or seriously affect the organzation’s ability to perform its key functions? In a lively and provocative session, The speaker offers a variety of practical techniques that will help prepare you to handle a crisis.

Benefits of Attending:

  • What are the typical crises to organizations in Malaysia?
  • How to prevent or mitigate these crises from happening?
  • How to be prepared for unexpected critical events when they take place?
  • How to handle a crisis? (A case study approach)

Topic 2: Command Center Operations: The Missing Link in Crisis Management
By Dr Goh Moh Heng, President, BCM Institute

The Command Centre Operations Seminar provides a unique opportunity to discover the various components that are required to design, test and implement a Command Centre. It will be the focal point for the control and response to an emergency within an organization and for the implementation of recovery operations. Whether that emergency is a natural disaster, computer system failure, bomb threat, public relations disaster, or product liability issue. The Command Centre Operations will function in emergencies that occur at that facility or at another company owned facility. Failure to operate a Command Centre smoothly during an emergency will cause an organization to run the risk of extending the emergency and its impact on personnel, customers, suppliers, facilities and the bottom line. Having operated and implemented numerous command centres across the globe, the speaker will share the practical tips to setup and manage the Command Centre with consideration to country and culture preference.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Determine the personnel, equipment, and communication requirements
  • Learn how interactions with other organizations, record keeping requirements, procedures are conducted.
  • Understand how information flow from Command centre is linked with the Crisis management team.
  • Find out how you can begin the process of establishing or upgrading their company's Command Centre.

Expert Speaker

Dr Goh Moh Heng is the president of BCM Institute. He is armed with his primary areas of expertise, which include Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), contingency planning and Crisis Management, Moh Heng has helped many organizations, particularly those operating in the Asia Pacific and Middle-East Region.

Who should Attend

  • Senior Management overseeing business continuity and crisis management
  • Business Continuity Planner, Contingency Planner
  • IT and Financial Auditors
  • Risk Management professionals, Risk & Compliance Manager
  • General Manager, Managing Director of Organizations
  • Head of IT, IT & MIS Manager, Disaster Recovery Planners
  • Engineer and Technician, Customer Relations
  • Government Representatives
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Director, Regulators, Project Manager
  • Security Manager, Facility and Administrative Manager
  • System Manager, Technical Specialist.


  • First-come-first-serve basis; subject to confirmation from BCM Institute.
  • BCM Institute reserves the right to accept or not to accept registrations.

Note: The response to our MTE sessions are usually overwhelming; thus, we are sending early invitations for this session.
Seats will be restricted to two participants per organization;  subsequent registrations will be placed in the waiting list.

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