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Day 2 and 3: Masterclass Agenda

Participants can enrol in one of 2 Master Classes available and be certified upon completion of the qualifying examinations!

Master Class A Time: 9am to 5pm 6 -8 July 2010 (2.5 days)

DRP-300: Implementing IT Disaster Recovery Planning, DRP

For BC or IT professionals who are keen in learning about the entire IT DR planning process and the implementation within your organization, the DRP-300 course will be right course to attend for you. The successful completion of the certification examination will lead you to the Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist  (DRCS).

DRP-300 is an intermediate 2-day course with an additional half-day 100-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based examination, following the successful completion of the course. This course is designed and developed for IT Disaster Recovery (DR) Managers and Planners, IT Professionals dealing with specific area within the DR planning process, any IT professional embarking on their IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) career. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts of developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, design and implementation of DR plans, preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes. This course is a pre-requisite course for the DRP-400 course.

Participants will be imparted with crucial DR skills and knowledge; empowering them to support the organisation and DRP team to:

  • Assess risk to IT and technology related components
  • Conduct the business impact analysis to identify critical IT and technology resources to support key users
  • Develop and evaluate effectiveness of related recovery procedures

Masterclass Only : RM3,600 (Members)/RM 3,800 (Public)*

Masterclass and Conference: RM4,100 (Members)/RM 4,400 (Public)

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Master Class B Time: 9am to 5pm  6 – 10 July 2010 (4.5days)

BCM-5000: Implementing and Managing BCM

This four-day business continuity course with 3 1/2 hour 150-Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based examination will lead the participants to acquire BC knowledge and also the Business Continuity Certified Expert certification.

Participants will acquire the essential skills and knowledge of project management, risk analysis and review, business impact analysis, recovery strategy, plan development, testing and exercising, and program management. BCM-5000 will also introduce the essential steps of developing business continuity and disaster recovery strategies, design and implementation of BC plans, preparing and conducting awareness and training programmes.

BCM-5000 will provide the participants with the pertinent skills and knowledge, empowering them to:

  • Identify possible threats that may disrupt critical business functions in the organisation.
  • Strengthen organisational resiliency to counter major incidents and disaster.
  • Identify and analyse business requirements to recover critical business function.
  • Develop business continuity and recovery strategies.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive BC plans.
  • Create and develop BCM awareness and training programme.
  • Conduct exercises and tests.
  • Implement BCM audit and assessment programmes to ensure BC plan effectiveness.
  • Drive organisation-wide BCM program.
  • Ensure effective program management on an ongoing basis.


Masterclass Only : RM9,100 (Members)/RM 9,200 (Public)*

Masterclass and Conference: RM9,600 (Members)/RM 9,800 (Public)*


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