Monday, November 24, 2014
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Economies and businesses around the world are disrupted by some of the most devastating disaster – major earthquakes in Indonesia, the typhoons and flooding in the Philippines, the lost of the submarine cables off Taiwan as well as the flu pandemic which impede global travel.

This year, World Continuity Congress will kick-start in Singapore on 9 March 2010 at Holiday Inn Atrium. The conference will discuss key business continuity and disaster management issues as well as provide a platform for global and Asia Pacific delegates and professionals to connect with business continuity experts and key industry drivers.


ConferencesThis is a one day event which allows delegates to understand complex areas of specific interest. Participants will

  • Hear from the experts in the field
  • Learn from their  experiences in recent disasters
  • Access information on the latest trends, development and challenges of Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery
  • Manage communication during a disaster or crisis
For full conference agenda, click here.


A series of four two-day masterclasses running on the second and third day of the event will allow delegates to understand complex areas of business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and the latest topic auditing business continuity management.

  • Master Class 1: BCM-300: Implementing Business Continuity Management, BCM
    (2 days with 2 1/2 hour examination*)
    • This two-day business continuity course with 2 1/2 hour examination will lead the participants to acquire BC knowledge and also the Business Continuity Certified Specialist certification.
  • Master Class 2: DRP-300: Implementing IT Disaster Recovery Planning, DRP
    (2 days with 2 1/2 hour examination*)
    • For BC or IT professionals who are keen in learning about the entire IT DR planning process and the implementation within your organization, the DRP-300 course will be right course to attend for you. The successful completion of the certification examination will lead you to the Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist or DRCS.
  • Master Class 3: BCM-830: Auditing BCM (2 days)
    • The auditing of BC plan and BCM program for any organizations is becoming a complex process for any auditors and reviewers.  This course will guide the participants on the specifics for auditing their BC plans and program.  The course assumes that the participants have some basic auditing or review skill.  The successful completion of the course will lead you to the Member of BCM Institute, MBCMI.
  • Master Class 4: BCM-2060: Crisis Management (2 days)
    • For the season BC professionals who would like to widen their knowledge beyond business continuity and managing crisis within your organisation, the BCM-2060: Crisis Management will be an ideal course to attend. The successful completion of the course will lead you to the Member of BCM Institute, MBCMI.

*A 2 ½ hour examination will be conducted on 12 March 2010

NOTE:  Masterclasses will run only when a minimum number of participants are met. Affected participants would be offered the option to choose to attend the other available classes.


  • Senior Management overseeing business continuity and crisis management
  • Business Continuity Planner, Contingency Planner
  • IT and Financial Auditors
  • Risk Management professionals, Risk & Compliance Manager
  • General Manager, Managing Director of Organizations
  • Head of IT, IT & MIS Manager, Disaster Recovery Planners
  • Head of Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Retail
  • Engineer and Technician, Customer Relations
  • Government Representatives
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Director, Regulators, Project Manager
  • Security Manager, Facility and Administrative Manager
  • System Manager, Technical Specialist.


For further queries, please contact BCM Institute
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Tel: +65 6323 1500.

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