[LIVE WEBINAR] Post-COVID Cyber Resilience: Bringing Cyber Security Incident Response and Business Continuity Management Together

Chandrasekar S, Senior Consultant, HCL Technologies

The Synopsis:

Cyber risks are nowadays considered business risks and are not limited to being simply IT risks. The after-effects of a cyber-incident are not only restricted to loss of IT systems but also include other business impacts, such as loss of reputation, loss of transparency and honesty, financial instability and operational losses.

In general, any form of a cyber-risk is considered as one of the sub scenarios, or a small part, of the larger business continuity plan of the organization; while the main scenarios for the business continuity plan are more focused on the non-availability of a facility or data centre/centre due to natural disasters or unavailability of critical systems.

In many organizations, the security incident response function, which is the foremost team to manage these kind of events, is aligned within the security department while the business continuity function is owned by business and IT DR is owned by the infrastructure managers. It is high time to integrate these disciplines under a common function called cyber resiliency.

This session will be moderated by Dr Goh Moh Heng, President of BCM Institute.

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