Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience: Embracing innovative strategies & engaging stakeholders

Presented by Jason Teo, VP, Global Head of Corporate Business Resilience, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Moderated by Dr Goh Moh Heng, President, BCM Institute

In this engaging session, you’ll discover how to leverage innovative technologies, foster collaboration among key stakeholders, and implement best practices that ensure agility and continuity. Whether you want to strengthen your current supply chain framework or prepare for future challenges, this webinar offers invaluable knowledge and practical solutions to help you thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

Join this webinar guided by a thought leader with nearly a decade of experience in supply chain resilience.


With the advent of geopolitical trade wars among global powers, cyber-attacks, as well as natural disasters, how are businesses addressing these challenges in changing regulatory, technological and natural environments? What are some strategies employed to ensure business continuity and enhance supply chain resilience?

This webinar explores the multifaceted strategies essential in tackling such challenges amidst dynamic and evolving circumstances. It highlights the increasing adoption of a proactive approach in risk assessment, business continuity planning, mitigation strategies, and supplier diversification, along with integrating Environment, Social & Governance elements to strengthen resilience. To evaluate the businesses resilience levels, management reviews are conducted to review initiatives and approaches. The webinar will also present how a management review is drafted and its significance in encouraging collective efforts towards continuous improvement. More importantly, it underscores the value of fostering strong partnerships and collaboration with stakeholders which continues to be a cornerstone in enhancing our supply chain resiliency.

Program Details:

Date: 27 Jun 2024
Time: 3 PM – 4 PM (GMT+8)
Platform: ZOOM

Be prepared for an engaging and informative webinar.

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