Implementing Business Continuity for Southeast Asia’s Haze Season

This webinar will explore practical strategies for implementing business continuity measures to tackle the haze scenario anticipated in Southeast Asia in 2023.  This is in anticipation of the similar fires that are experienced in Canada and Spain, which destroyed the forests and created a haze condition to its Neighbours.

Presented by Kenneth Yap, Ex Senior Vice President, GIC

Moderator: Dr Goh Moh Heng, President, BCM Institute


The webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the Impact and the potential consequences of the haze on businesses and communities, emphasising the importance of proactive business continuity planning.
  • Developing a Haze-Specific Business Continuity Plan with guidance on tailoring business continuity plans to address the specific challenges of the haze scenario.
  • Establishing Communication Strategies and Protocols for effective communication during the haze season.
  • Identifying and Prioritising Critical Business Functions that need safeguarding during the haze season.
  • Creating Alternate Work and flexible Arrangements such as remote work options, and resource-sharing arrangements to maintain essential operations.
  • Testing and Drills to validate the effectiveness of BC plans and enhance preparedness for any eventuality.
  • Collaborating with External Agencies by Building partnerships with external agencies, local authorities, and neighbouring organisations to enhance collective response.

Participants will gain valuable insights into overcoming the unique challenges posed by the haze and ensuring their organisations remain resilient during this environmental crisis.

This Event Has Ended.