Implementing Business Continuity and Compliance with Central Bank Policy


Join us for this informative seminar to gain valuable insights into implementing a business continuity management program.

This is not only about adhering to regulatory requirements such as Bank Negara Malaysia’s BCM policy, Siti will also share the requirement to build a robust business continuity framework to safeguard your organisation from unforeseen disruptions.

Presented by Siti Baizura Yunus, Head of Business Continuity Management, Bank Islam

Moderator: Dr Goh Moh Heng, President, BCM Institute


Learn from industry experts and enhance your preparedness to navigate crises effectively:

  • Addressing common challenges faced during implementing BCM policies and exploring solutions to overcome them.
  • Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Business Functions that require safeguarding during disruptions.
  • Establishing Alternate Site and Recovery Site Strategies and Establishment
  • Understanding and defining RTOs and RPOs for critical business functions to guide recovery efforts.
  • Implementing robust data backup and replication procedures to safeguard critical data and information.
  • Conducting regular testing and simulation exercises to validate the effectiveness of BC plans.
  • Implement strategies for training personnel and creating awareness about BC measures within the organisation.
  • Establishing effective communication protocols with internal and external stakeholders during emergency scenarios.