Meet-The-Experts Malaysia (in collaboration with ISACA Malaysia Chapter)

Malaysia, 6 April 2016 – In collaboration with ISACA Malaysia, BCM Institute hosted our bi-annual Meet-The-Experts session at Furama Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Our theme for this session is, “Sustaining Business Continuity Management and Resiliency Implications for Management, Auditors and Planners.”

BCM Institute’s Meet-The-Expert (MTE) is a half-day seminar that aims to bring Business Continuity Management (BCM), IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR), and Crisis Management (CM) professionals together to exchange ideas and keep updated on the latest best practices in the local industry. The MTE Seminar seeks to address and discuss key topics surrounding the BCM, IT DR, and CM process, as well as provide a networking opportunity for like-minded professionals to engage and interact.

Dr. Goh Moh Heng & Mr. Murari Kalyanaramani, the panel speakers of MTE Malaysia 2016, delved extensively into Business Continuity Resiliency Implications and Crisis Management. Dr. Goh, President of BCM Institute, touched upon the overview of the BCM program setup, methodologies, and framework, sharing what constituted excellence in BCM planning. He also discussed the latest best practices in CM, and how an organization could develop competencies for the purpose of training. Other topics discussed in Dr. Goh’s segment include Supply Chain Disaster in the Banking industry, cloud computing and its implications on Cybersecurity, as well as natural disasters.

Mr. Murari Kalyanaramani, Head of Security of Standard Chartered Bank, discussed the benefits that mobile technology and new strides in IT could benefit BCM and CM. His segment not only includes the huge impact that mobile technologies and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp) can make in a disaster situation, but also touches on future, in-development, technologies that could help shape how we consider BCM planning, such as the drone Japan is developing to remotely pilot into nuclear sites to conduct surveillance.

BCM Institute would like to thank all members of BCM Institute and ISACA Malaysia Chapter for attending this session. Your support has greatly contributed to the success of Meet-the-Expert seminar Malaysia 2016.

MTE Malaysia Jun 2014: Crisis Management Perspective for Insurance Industry

Malaysia, 26th June 2014 – BCM Institute and Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) ERM Working Group,  successfully co-organized Meet-The-Expert (MTE) Malaysia 2014 seminar, themed “Crisis Management Perspective for Insurance Industry” at Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur.

The main topic discussed was specifically in the area of Crisis Management. Crisis Management (or CM) is defined in as “the overall coordination of an organization’s response to a crisis, in an effective, timely manner, with the goal of avoiding or minimizing damage to the organization’s profitability, reputation, or ability to operate normally.” From an organization’s point of view, how can an organization recover from a crisis? How can an organization response to unexpected events or situations with potentially negative effects? These important issues were examined and discussed extensively during the seminar.

Mr. Richard Tan, PIAM’s Convenor, Finance and Corporate Governance of ERM Sub-Committee, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of UniAsia General Insurance Malaysia, inaugurate the session. David Tan shared his views by providing a few of the recent crisis happened in Malaysia. His aim was to reiterate on the similarity on Crisis Management and Risk Management. He emphasized that they are both integrated but they are not apparently associated.

Panel Speakers of the day Mr. Murugan M, Assistant Vice President of GMH Asia Pte Ltd and Encik Mohamad Radzuan Mohamed, Senior Vice President & Group Chief Risk Management & Compliance Officer of MNRB Holdings Berhad share the different aspects of Crisis Management. Murugan shared what constitute a crisis management framework and the planning methodologies such as an overview on how a crisis management program is setup, concepts and good practices of crisis management, and how to develop competency with the needs of training.

The second speaker for the day, Encik Radzuan stressed on the practical aspects from MNRB’s organizational point of view in Crisis Management. In order to ameliorate audience’s understanding, he shared with the audience a sample video from BP Headquarters about the incident of a poor management skill in handling a crisis which then turned into a disaster. This sharing of video demonstrates how a large organization with a poorly organized crisis management process can leave a significant reputational impact in real-world situations.

PIAM ERM Workgroup, MNRB Holdings Bhd and BCM Institute would like to thank all the participants from the insurance industry for this valuable collaboration and contributions to the success of Meet-the-Expert seminar Malaysia 2014.

BCM Institute held second wave of BCM 300, Pilot ‘Meet The Expert’ in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines 7 September 2012

Following the success of the first run ofBCM-300: Implementing BCM in the Philippines,  BCM Institute conducted again the training and certification preparatory course in Business Continuity Management (BCM) last September 5-6 at Asian Institute of Management Conference Center Manila. There were 16 managers and executives from to


p corporations in PH who attended the course. 
As BCM Institute aligned its courses to support the new ISO 22301 Standard for BCMS, the second batch of BCM-330: ISO 22301 BCMS Implementer class in Philippines was among the first BCM classes wherein the new ISO Standard were already integrated in the BCM-330 courseware. Dr. Goh Moh Heng, President of BCM Institute, conducted the lecture and workshop during the two-day training course. On September 7, the students took the Business Continuity Certified Specialist (BCCS) exam for certification. 

Most of the students who joined the recent class in BCM-330: ISO 22301 BCMS Implementer have been working in the field of BCM for the several years; however, they do not have formal education and certification as BCM practitioners. These are the feedbacks that were provided during the training: 
•    “Interesting course; I learned a lot.”
•    “Execution or delivery of the course was excellent; His knowledge on BCM is unquestionable.”
•    “The course is really very relevant and the materials are really excellent. We can make use of these as effective learning materials and also as references for doing the basic training for our unit BC Coordinator.”


BCM Institute together with its partner CNDR, also piloted the Meet-The-Expert (MTE) in September 7 at Pan Pacific Hotel Manila. The MTE was sponsored by DNV Philippines. Approximately 70 BCM practitioners from different companies and business groups attended the said event. Dr. Goh Moh heng, together with Mr. Lim Jit Ting, a Senior Principal Engineer of the world leading certification body, DNV Business Assurance, discussed about the elements of new ISO 22301 Standard for BCMS and its implication to organizations which are currently certified and are operating in their BCM. Dr. Goh also provided his insights to on how companies can adopt the new ISO Standard in their BC plans. 

The MTE paved the way for BC practitioners to raise questions and clarifications during the open forum. It has reawakened also the perspective of BCM practitioners in the PH to update their business continuity plans gearing towards the new ISO Standard. 
The BCM Institute gave away BCM-130 handbook to the first 25 online registrants while all attendees received an e-book copy of Manager’s Guide to ISO 22301 Standard for BC Management System (Lite Version). 

The BCM Institute held these series of activities in partnership with Corporate Network for Disaster Response (CNDR). In May 7,2012,  BCM Institute has formally established its presence in Philippines by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with as its institutional partner in running BCM and Disaster Recovery Education courses.