Exiting a Pandemic After Lockdown: How To Return To The ‘New’ Normal (Circuit Breaker)
A jointly organized Meet-The-Experts seminar between ASIS (Singapore Chapter) and BCM Institute

May marks the 6th month of the COVID-19 pandemic whereby, the novel virus outbreak that started in China and has spread out to over 200 countries across the globe.  With over 100 of these countries implementing some degree of lockdown. In many of these countries, business offices have been shut down or relocated back home, people have been quarantined in their homes and requested to respect curfew, and the economy has ground to a screeching halt.

But life has to go on eventually and as the spread of COVID-19 weakens in many countries, so too have lockdown measures been relaxed, reduced, or even removed entirely.  Many European countries are starting to reopen businesses and Malaysia is lifting its initial lockdown a week ahead of schedule. Singapore is returning business services in phases across the weeks prior to its official Circuit Breaker end date.

But is it that simple? Does life simply return back to normal the moment lockdown ends?

Using Singapore’s 2-month Circuit Breaker as a discussion premise, this seminar will explore the following key areas concerning the Return to Normalcy following the end of the lockdown:

  • Preparing for a Return to ‘Normal’ working conditions after the Circuit Breaker period is over
  • Addressing both the lasting impact of Circuit Breaker and how organizations will move forward following the gradual fading of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Anticipating and tackling issues that may occur during the transition back to Normal working conditions (e.g. What happens if there’s a 2nd wave of infections? What if someone in the office registers as infected after returning to it? Do I need everyone back in the office right away?)
  • Planning for a gradual shift towards full Normalcy in several phases over a period of time, as well as establishing the precautionary measures in place at each phase prior to Full Normlacy
  • Communicating to staff about how to Return to Normal after the Circuit Breaker period, as well as any measures/precautions they need to take

This webinar is Free for active members of BCM Institute and ASIS Singapore chapter only.  However for non members or inactive members, it is payable at SGD50.

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