MTE Series 4A

Returning to Normalcy After A Pandemic Lockdown (MCO)
A jointly organized Meet-The-Experts seminar between ISACA (Malaysia Chapter) and BCM Institute

As of May 2020, over 3.5 million people in 212 countries across the globe have been infected with COVID-19. Over 100 of these countries have implemented a lockdown (to varying degrees of strictness) to stop community spread, keep their citizens safe, and starve out COVID-19 within their borders – but that must come a time when the lockdown has to be lifted.

As we move forward into may, countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Korea and Taiwan have begun lifting their lockdowns, allowing more businesses to continue day-to-day operations. China, the birthplace of the virus and thus the first area experience COVID-19, has ceased relaxed its lockdown over Wuhan in April and, as we will cover in this seminar, Malaysia is lifting its movement control order (MCO) as of the 4th of May, switching over to the conditional movement control order (CMCO) to restart this economy.

Using Malaysia’s transition from MCO to CMCO as a case study, this Meet-The-Experts seminar will explore the following through the course of this 1-hour session:

  • Preparing for a Return to Normalcy from a Business Continuity perspective
  • Anticipating and tackling issues that may occur during the transition back to Normalcy (e.g. What if someone in the office registers as infected after returning to it?)
  • Planning for a gradual shift towards full Normalcy in several phases over a period of time
  • Communicating to both internal and external stakeholders about Return to Normalcy
  • Addressing the physical and psychological impact of the lockdown

This webinar is Free for active members of BCM Institute and ISACA Malaysia chapter only.  However for non members or inactive members, it is payable at SGD50.

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