Beyond the Pandemic, Business Continuity Management Considerations for Emergency Personnel

A jointly organized Meet-The-Experts seminar between A-CERTS and BCM Institute

COVID-19 has taken a major toll on industries across the world, forcing professionals of from all walks of life to adapt to a professional landscape where face-to-face contact with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and vendors could mean catching a highly contagious infectious disease. Yet while some industries have been able to adapt by either relocating staff home or fully shifting their activities online, many essential services do not have the luxury of doing so. F&B providers are often the first thing that come to mind, and even takeaways and online orders do not fully eliminate the risk of interaction, but one group of essential workers most affected –and most at risk through to COVID-19- are the emergency responders, trained professionals who are well equipped to handle fire and other workplace emergencies

This webinar, held with support A-CERTS, is prepped to explore how the emergency response has adapted, developed, and evolved aligning to business continuity, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the points covered during this webinar include:

  1. The integration of Business Continuity for Emergency Response personnel both during and after COVID-19
  2. The development of Emergency Response in light of COVID-19 and moving towards the “New Normal”
  3. New vulnerabilities for Emergency Response during COVID-19

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