Program Synopsis

The COVID-19 outbreak globally has evolved into the next stage whereby countries are either executing and exiting “lockdowns.” The governments are restricting their citizens and businesses from operating.

The outbreaks of the COVID-19 has brought to light an emerging threat that organizations globally should be prepared to address.

The pandemic preparedness and business continuity plans are fairly inadequate and what is needed if you do not have one or if you find the content inadequate. In this webinar, learn and find out more about:

  • Are you wondering why your business continuity plan is not working in response to COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Do you have and know if your Pandemic Preparedness plan is COVID-19 ready?
  • Are your staffs ready to execute their roles during a pandemic during the lockdown and getting out of the lockdown?

More questions will be discussed over the one-hour session with Dr Goh Moh Heng and our fellow panelists.

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