World Continuity Congress Singapore 2016: Business Continuity Management Best Practices

The World Continuity Congress (WCC) has established itself to be the unparalleled platform for Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR), Crisis Communication (CC), and Crisis Management (CM) offering access to some of the most remarkable professionals in the world. The Conference has been expanded to cover a large number of exciting topics relevant to business continuity, best practices, business preparedness and resiliency, natural hazards and disaster management, BCM Management Systems, human aspects and more.

The conference theme for 2016 will be “Business Continuity Management (BCM) Best Practices: Building a Resilient Future for your Industry”. Incidence of disasters have increased globally, with the sharpest rise in Asia and Pacific. Employers of businesses from various industries suffer when community life and markets are impacted by disaster. This conference allows you to learn, share and experience best practices in business continuity and resilience with the experts. The panelists, bringing perspectives from different industries, will explore these issues, the challenges they bring, and the factors that drive success.

This event will feature a solid conference programme, exhibition and services from recognized sponsors that your organization may need and a chance to network with top-decision makers of various industries in the Asian region.

Why You Should Attend

  • Gain valuable knowledge and insights through networking sessions, experience sharing and panel discussions
  • Interact and network with industry experts from various industries
  • Explore BCM solutions to enhance your organization resilience
  • Get to meet the experts face to face, and more